The Safe Ports Regional Gateway was presented in Zagreb

Published on: 4/5/2018, 11:31 AM
On 22 February 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb the Safe Ports Regional Gateway (SPRG) was presented on behalf of Lucy Duncan, President and CEO of Safe Ports, Inc. and Offline Solutions d.o.o. The event was intended for those looking to expand their commerce and market share beyond Europe.The project was presented to selected southeastern European companies, non-governmental organizations and governmental bodies interested in capitalizing and positively influencing post-conflict reconstruction and development in Syria and Iraq and the Levant.
The SPRG is a secure logistics hub providing companies with direct access to world-class inter-modal shipping, warehousing, maintenance, security and commercial development in the Al-Mafraq Special Economic zone co-located with the King Hussein Air Base.

The Safe Ports Regional Gateway will support recovery and reconstruction best practices, with security, world-class logisticians and the ability to leverage sustained international support as a nexus for businesses, government officials, members of the international humanitarian and defense communities, private sector representatives, civil society organizations, academia and other international partners.

The Gateway will be a safe, secure location for people to meet and act on imperative recovery solutions. The regional conflict has inflicted significant damage and forced displacement of more than half of Syria’s population, World Bank estimates range between $150 and $180 B is needed to rebuild the country’s roads, airports, bridges, and all other critical infrastructure which has led to Safe Ports’ solution: an enormous new supply chain gateway designed to link the resources of the Middle East with American, European, Asian and other global providers. Transit trade with the rest of the world depends on Jordan’ open border with Syria, and when that happens, the Safe Ports Regional Gateway will be ready.

The combination of Safe Ports' logistic support, World Bank financial incentives, and Offline Solutions' security assistance will ensure the SPRG becomes a leading location for companies looking to grow and benefit from emerging business opportunities in the Middle East.

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