Full version of the VCA video analytics in all RIVA HD cameras and encoders

Published on: 6/5/2015, 2:06 PM
From now on all RIVA HD cameras and encoders include a trial version of the most comprehensive video analytics license "VCApro" free of charge. This version can be activated anytime if required and can be used for 45 days.
So far, all RIVA cameras and encoders include the basic version of the video analytics VCApresence as a standard feature at no extra cost. In addition to an easy 3D calibration, this version offers a tamper detection against moving, bagging and defocusing of the camera. Moreover, objects are detected in predefined detection zones and as a result an alarm is triggered. In order to ensure a comprehensive video surveillance system, up to 40 different zones per image can be set. An integrated self-learning algorithm ignores repetitive movements and minimizes false alarms.

In addition to the features of the basic version, the full version VCApro includes numerous other filters such as object classification, direction and speed detection, dwell time analysis, people and vehicle counting, access control and a color filter. Using the new feature “complex rules” the different filters and self-defined detection zones can be combined with each other logically and act interdependently. Because of the great variety of filters VCApro offers numerous applications areas in many different vertical markets – perimeter protection, traffic monitoring, people counting in retail stores or public places, optimization of logistic processes, home security and a lot more.


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