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Safety in Retail Conference – SIGSHOP
According to global research in retail, the costs caused by theft annually amounts to 112 billion Euro, which constitutes to 1,4 % of the total sales. Because of this information, we decided to organize the first Security in Retail Conference – SIGSHOP 2016 11th February 2016 with security in retail sale as its main topic. Enormous number of participants from Croatia and abroad encouraged us to enlarge the conference program with logistics and distribution – whole process from product manufacturing to its market placement for our following conferences.

Adriatic City Security Conference - SIGG
The expert topics of this conference are crisis management and urban security, new technologies for safer cities, role of the local community in prevention of terrorist attacks, tourists’ safety and the local community and risk management. The conference is intended for mayors, deputy mayors, cities' safety and security managers, local authorities and government, county managers, deputy county managers, county safety and security managers, directors and management of all businesses that take part in the national security structure, directors and representatives of companies for physical and technical protection, presidents and members of the Council for Prevention and all security managers and experts.

Cyber Risk
The international conference is held in cooperation with Institute for Insurance and World of Insurance journal and it covers topics such as cyber threats and maintaining cyber security, cyber insurance, creating insurance policies against IT risk, and finally disaster recovery and business continuity. This is a great opportunity to meet European and local experts on cyber security and IT risk insurance to find out more about European and world trends.

Cultural Heritage Security Conference - SIGART
The conference gathers eminent experts from the region and Europe dealing with protection of cultural heritage, such as ICOMOS, ICOM, UNESCO, representatives of foreign and local museums and galleries, representatives of the ministries of culture and ministries of interior, disaster preparedness services and representatives of the physical and technical security market. The focus of the conference is on safeguarding our cultural heritage, modern methods and techniques of prevention, risk management, security aspects of museum exhibitions, modern security systems, protection of sacred sites, protection of archaeological monuments and European experiences.

Days of Security and Protection
This three-day manifestation is introducing to the general public private and public companies’ services and equipment aimed at increasing both public and private security. At Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb, there is a presentation of the services and equipment of Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defense, National Protection and Rescue Directorate, Croatian Red Cross, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Croatian Firefighting Association and Croatian Mine Action Centre. The sports games of the security sector and international conference on current challenges and trends are also held during these days.

Security of Banks and Other Financial Institutions Conference– SIGBANK
Conference is intended for representatives of all leading Croatian and regional banks, insurance companies, exchange and betting offices, security companies dealing with physical and technical protection, as well as representatives of other financial institutions. Expert topics of SIGBANK conference are current legislation for security of financial institutions, development of technologies and novelties in technical protection, adequate dimensioning for safer positioning of security officers within the banks, special security guard training in financial institutions protection, optimal technical protection devices installation, legal aspects of processing, using and disclosing materials collected through video surveillance systems in banks, cyber security, etc.
Security in Educational Institutions - SIGoou
The conference goal is to exchange the experiences of the participants from security sector in educational institutions and raising the awareness of the local community and other relevant institutions on the importance and principals of protection system organization in kindergartens, schools and student homes. The conference tries to answer the question what is the role of school, local community and the police in security increase of the educational institutions. It also focuses on topics such as juvenile delinquency and mediation, children's health security in schools and kindergartens, traffic safety, prevention of peer violence, physical and technical protection implementation and many others.
Security in Tourism - SIGTUR
The goal of the conference is to bring together experts from the region and Europe dealing with tourism security and transfer their knowledge and experience onto the local level of the Republic of Croatia and the region. The conference discusses security as a key element in tourist destination selection, practical issues of protection and security of tourists at tourist locations and facilities, as well as other issues of tourism, one of the most important sectors of economy.



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