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Croatian trade journal for protection and safety of people and possessions.

Trade journal Zaštita (Protection) is the first and thus far the only Croatian independent trade journal covering protection and safety of people and property. For the last five years we are bringing the latest news from the international and domestic safety and security sector, with special attention to physical and technical protection. Additionally, we are also analysing technological breakthroughs on video surveillance and alarm systems market, opening topics of vital importance to the safety and security industry and presenting the problems of protection and safety, which we believe will be the key issues of the 21st century, to the general public.

Growing safety and security industry in Croatia, including both the public and the private sector, recognised the value of ZAŠTITA as an important partner and interlocutor. It is demonstrated by the fact that our co-publishers are Croatian Chamber of Economy - Association for investigation and protection services, and Croatian Security Guards guild. Magazine ZAŠTITA is also Croatian Security Guards Guild's official gazette.

Our articles, themes and analyses are used as references by other printed and electronic media in Croatia since ZAŠTITA features a broad range of authors, from the highest state officials, eminent safety and security professionals, security companies directors, top technological security equipment manufacturers and importers, security managers, renowned police, fire fighting and security experts to numerous individuals who remain out of the public spotlight but nevertheless provide invaluable contribution to our safety by watching over the streets, squares, forests and the coast, not knowing the difference between holidays and working days. We believe that both the printed and the electronic version of our journal provide numerous answers to questions concerning protection and safety of people and possessions.

Zaštita is published by a private, family company TECTUS Ltd. from Zagreb, which has, besides safety and security industry, established itself in the financial, graphic arts and packaging industry as a publisher of three other popular trade journals – SO (Svijet Osiguranja - Insurance World), Ambalaža (Packaging) and CROprint.


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